#UserScoreLanguageDifficultyVerse SetsDate
53101ruth1779EnglishEasy Word by Heart 9 years ago
53102hungry4grace2417繁體中文Easy 持守神的同在(四) 9 years ago
53103bearbear14487EnglishHard Adoption 9 years ago
53104alvanjiing6616繁體中文Hard H&B Scriptures to Memorize! 9 years ago
53105music4him33238繁體中文Hard 成長班每週經文 9 years ago
53106hungry4grace250EnglishEasy Jesus Is The Prince of Peace 9 years ago
53107Wei.Chang2003繁體中文Easy 使徒性琴與爐:智慧啟示 9 years ago
53108hungry4grace581繁體中文Easy Mi's Verses to Keep! 9 years ago
53109music4him98098繁體中文Easy 愛的經文 9 years ago
53110bearbear8744EnglishEasy Few make it to Heaven 9 years ago
53111hungry4grace17475繁體中文Medium 醫治的默想經文(Sid Roth) 9 years ago
53112bearbear517EnglishMedium Who you are in Jesus! 9 years ago
53113Inner Life18013简体中文Easy 内在生活的真谛(一)简体 9 years ago
53114selena.shan.ify1010EnglishEasy Things to Remember 9 years ago
53115Inner Life30490繁體中文Easy 成長班每週經文 9 years ago
53116brysonli4036EnglishEasy Rom 12:1-2 9 years ago
53117bearbear5088EnglishEasy Things to Remember 9 years ago
53118bearbear12294EnglishEasy Be Wise 9 years ago
53119Inner Life4832EnglishEasy What do I do to enter the Kingdom 9 years ago
53120brysonli523EnglishEasy Adoption 9 years ago