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1. What is the Purpose of my life? (NIV)
My purpose is to know God, love Him, enjoy Him and glorify Him.
2. Who is God? (NIV)
God is the Creator and holds everyone and everything together. He is holy and does not change.
3. What is the Trinity? (NIV)
The Trinity describes the truth that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are one God.
4. What is Creation? (NIV)
Creation is God making everything out of nothing by His powerful Word.
5. What is the Fall? (NIV)
The first man and woman, Adam and Eve, listened to the Serpent’s lies and sinned, losing their perfect relationship with God.
6. What is sin? (NIV)
Sin is everything in thought, word and deed that is contrary to the will of God.
7. How can people know how to please God if they are born sinful? (NIV)
God’s Word shows us what pleases Him.
8. Will God allow our sin to go unpunished? (NIV)
No. Every sin offends God and must be punished.
9. How is it possible to escape the punishment for our sin? (NIV)
God sent Jesus the Redeemer to rescue us and take the punishment for our sin.
10. Who is the Redeemer? (NIV)
God the Son, Jesus Christ, is the Redeemer.
11. Why is it necessary for Christ, the Redeemer, to die? (NIV)
Jesus willingly died on the cross in our place to deliver us from the grip of sin, death and hell and to bring us back to God.
12. Why must the Redeemer be truly human? (NIV)
Only a perfect human being could pay for the sins of other human beings.
13. Why must the Redeemer be truly God? (NIV)
Because Jesus is God, He is infinite and holy. His blood can pay the penalty for an infinite number of sins.
14. Is Jesus the only Savior? (NIV)
Yes. No one can be saved except through faith in Jesus Christ.
15. What is faith in Jesus Christ? (NIV)
Faith is forsaking all other means of saving our souls and believing the Gospel taught in Scripture.
16. Where does faith in Jesus Christ come from? (NIV)
Faith in Jesus Christ is a gift from God through the Holy Spirit.
17. What is grace? (NIV)
Grace is God’s powerful kindness poured out on the undeserving.
18. What does justification mean? (NIV)
God declares a sinner righteous because of the perfect life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
19. Who is the Holy Spirit? (NIV)
The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity.
20. How does the Holy Spirit help God’s children? (NIV)
The Holy Spirit convicts God’s children of sin and gives them faith to believe and obey God.
21. What does sanctification mean? (NIV)
Sanctification is the Holy Spirit’s work of growing us in holiness to be like Jesus, who is perfectly righteous.
22. Why do God’s children still sin? (NIV)
God’s children are tempted to sin by their own sinful nature and by Satan.
23. What defines or describes the providence of God? (NIV)
God’s providence means He wisely directs and permits all that happens in His creation.
24. What is Prayer? (NIV)
Prayer is talking with God.
25. What is the BIble? (NIV)
The Bible is God’s Truth, taught in words by the Holy Spirit to His prophets and apostles.
26. What is the Church? (NIV)
The Church is the community of God’s redeemed people, now and forever.
27. Where is Jesus now? (NIV)
Jesus is alive in heaven praying for God’s children.
28. Will Jesus return? (NIV)
Yes! Jesus will return personally and physically, first to rule and reign in His kingdom and then to judge the world and Satan.
29. What is eternal life? (NIV)
Eternal life is God’s gift that comes from believing, knowing, and loving God and Jesus Christ.

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